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Sally Adams, R.N. Licensed Acupuncturist 760-727-9797

I first sought treatment from Sally in 1997 for severe lumbar spine and low back pain that radiated down my legs. Her acupuncture therapy helped so much that I no longer required prescription or over the counter pain medicine. Since then she has helped me with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. I continue to see Sally on a regular basis for the ongoing health maintenance and the blissful stress relief her treatments provide.

Tina - Medical Technologist

Sally accomplished in less that 8 weeks what the folks at Scripps clinic couldn’t do in almost 2 years. I can walk without pain in my left leg. Finally I got the pain relief I needed! And she did it for a very small fraction of what Scripps Clinic charged my health insurance carrier. I thank her for "sticking it to me"!

Al – Retired Engineer

Sally is such a caring healer. I’d been feeling exhausted for months and had not given myself the chance to get in to see her in quite some time. Finally, I called her up and scheduled weekly appointments for the month. During that first treatment I fell into a deep sleep. When the treatment was over my appetite had returned and I was able to have a nice lunch. Later on that night, as I was driving home, there was something in my lane on the freeway. If I had not had that treatment that day, I may not have had the ability to think quickly enough to safely maneuver around that obstacle. It is quite possible that Sally’s acupuncture treatment saved my life and the lives of the motorists that were around me.


I have been a patient of Sally’s for about 15 years. I am a big fan of natural medicine. I love how relaxed I feel after her acupuncture treatments. My career is stressful and Sally’s treatments help me stay balanced and healthy. It is the best relaxation I know!

Debra – Registered Nurse

I am so grateful to have known Sally for the past 7 years and received acupuncture from her for many health issues including, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sinus problems, digestive problems and a knee pain. She is so intuitive and gently gets right to the “point” with the needles, relieving my sources of distress. Sally has a magical touch, intuitive abilities, and is a true healer who brings balance and harmony to my body and spirit. She has offered many fine words of wisdom, advice and encouragement to help me with my healing process. I always leave an acupuncture session with a smile on my face and laughter in my heart. Sally’s acupuncture skill and knowledge is many times, next to a miracle. She has my whole-hearted recommendation; I call her an “Earth Angel” which fits her well!

Karen – Educator

I have seen how Sally has helped my wife with a myriad of physical problems. After suffering a back strain while doing some yard work, I assumed my back would be sore for weeks. I had only one treatment with Sally during which I drifted off into a relaxed sleep. I had no more back pain after that one session! She is a wonderful healer!

Dr. Robert Baker – M.D.

Sally Adams is the first person I see for any physical problem. I have worked with her for 6 years and her treatments have been extremely helpful for both illness and injury related problems. Her work has enabled me to minimize recurring allergic and respiratory symptoms and significantly reduce chronic joint pain. The relief is immediate and lasting. Sally is a gifted healer in my life!

Jason Brody – M.S., Founder, Awakening Intensives

Back in January of 2006, I was involved in a workers comp accident that resulted in 9 months of non-productive physical therapy, X-rays, MRIs and the threat of surgery on my shoulder. Sally’s treatments not only healed the damage, but improved my overall physical health as well. Over the intervening years, Sally’s integrated acupuncture regimen has mitigated many sports related aches and pains as well as enhanced personal energy, rounding out a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Warren – Professor of Engineering

When I was four years old I developed a skin disorder that was exacerbated by stress, and was serious enough to require staying off my feet for weeks at a time. Despite numerous medical visits, this disorder was not properly diagnosed until some thirty years later, and then the only treatment suggested was hydrocortisone. When I was 54 years old the disorder (which had never really gone away) came back at a most inopportune time, and I went to Sally Adams for treatment. Within one week my symptoms had disappeared – and haven’t come back! Thanks, Sally, from the bottom of my heart!

David – Musician

Having had back problems for years I tried many doctors and various procedures. None of them giving me relief from my chronic back and leg pain. Just before I scheduled myself for back surgery I was referred to Sally Adams for Acupuncture. After seeing her on a regular basis, I now feel as if I don’t even have a back problem! Her treatment is the only thing that gave me relief from the chronic pain and I feel great. Needless to say, I didn’t proceed with having back surgery!

Wendy – Business Owner

Sally Adams has provided acupuncture services for me over the past 5 years. I have always gone away from these treatments (reluctantly) in a much better frame of mind: more relaxed, quiet, centered and clear. Sally has a compassionate, interested, and calm manner. The acupuncture clinic itself is very conducive to relaxation and healing with soft soothing music and a light touch of aromatherapy. B ut the best part, of course, is Sally’s skilled touch. Thanks Sally!

John – Education Consultant